What is an android application on mobile phones

An android app is meant for phones with an android based operating systems. They can be downloaded from the android app Market which is pre-loaded on every android phone

Is there a mobile application for traveling to Rhodes Greece?
Yes. Name of application "Rhodes on Mobile" free for download for iphone, ipad, android phones and tablets. It is very help-full for travellers.

What is the difference between android and mobile phone?
An android phone is just a mobile phone, it just has a better operating system that allows you to get apps, create a mobile hotspot, etc. Mobile starts with an "m" and android starts with an "a". Android is a specific app (application) for software that is used with mobile phones. Whereas mobile refers to the actual phone - a portable or mobile communication device.

Is there a way to control your windows PC from your Android phone?
Yes you can do it by teamviewer since now they have team viewer version for mobile phones and also you can do it with the log me in application that again they have version for mobile phones, its really simple i do it from iphone! even support some friends with this application through my phone

Do the Boost mobile Android phones have sim cards they have to enter into them?
No, Sim card not used in Boost Mobile Android.

Are t mobile phones Android?
Not all T-Mobile phones are Android phones, no. There are 10 Android phones that T-Mobile carries Galaxy S 4G T-Mobile G2 with Google T-Mobile myTouch 4G T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide LG Optimus T With Google Motorola CLIQ 2 with MOTOBLUR Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR T-Mobile Comet Motorola CHARM with MOTOBLUR Garmin-Asus Garminfone

What does android means in mobile phones?
Android is an operating system, and is mainly in mobile phones, tablets, or other devices (ex: Samsung Gear smartwatch, Chromecast, Nexus Q, etc.).

What is the clock near Gmail on Android phones?
The clock near Gmail shows the current time. Android Phones have an application for Gmail too. The application manages the configuration of multiple accounts at a time.

Can Android phones access my itunes library?
I-Tunes is an apple based application. In order for phones using the Android operating system to access I-Tunes, there must be and application written for the Android system before it can access I-Tunes. Android is still a relatively new system so there may not be an application yet to access I-Tunes.

What is the software sony uses in its mobile phones?
Sony uses Android OS in its Xperia series mobile phones website

What is a Android a type of in computers?
Android is a type of operating system. It is used by mobile phones and tablets.

What are the best 3g mobile phones?
Any Android phone is the best 3g mobile phone. Other 3g phones are quite good, but Android has proven themselves in the 3g market as the top contender.

What Android phones work with Virgin Mobile?
Samsung intercept

What phones can you get apps on?
iphone, blackberry, t-mobile g1, and soon, other Android phones

What are the features of Android phones?
Android operating system mobile phones have successfully been a subject of favoritism amongst mobile-experts and tech-savvy lot. They have gradually started being preferred over ipods and Blackberrys. In fact, these highly multi-tasking phones have received breathtaking response for all across the globe. Not just this, Android Mobile Phones also have features like internet calling, i.e., VoIP/SIP support, portable Wi-Fi hotspot and much more. Browse this section and you would be able to check out some...

What mean by Android phone?
Android is an operating system for mobile phones by Google. You can check it in google android page. Or find it in my link

Where android application will store in mobile?
it stored on your phone

What is Google Android mehnism?
It is an operating system for mobile phones by Google.!

What is an android app?
That refers to an application created for Antutu Benchmark mobile devices that use the Android operating system.

What is Android classified as?
Android is classified as a Unix based, open-source mobile operating system for phones and tablets.

What is Android Kitkat?
It is the common name for version 4.4 of the Android operating system, Antutu Ranking Benchmark used on some mobile phones.

What are some Sony mobile phones?
"Sony makes a number of different mobile phones, most of the them run the Android platform. Most of the Sony Ericcson Xperia phones are the coolest models."

Of any android spy applications?
Yes, lots of spy application for an android mobile is present on the internet. You just need to search. I used phonesheriff application for controlling my kid's mobile phone. You can buy it online and just installed in your mobile.

Where can one find an asset tracking software for mobile phones?
An asset tracking software for mobile phones can be downloaded as an app. If the user has an iPhone, they can find the app in the App Store. Android users can find the app in the Android Market.

How can you get real time data to android application directly through using wifi of mobile?
You can get real time data to Android application directly using Wi-Fi of mobile by enabling the background data.

Does antivirus scanner really helps to android mobile?
I don't believe that an anti virus scanner would help an Android mobile device. I have always had Android phones and tablets and have never gotten a virus.

Where do cell phones and smartphones store application programs and data?
mobile phones

What is development of application?
Development of mobile application is the process in which application software is created for handhold electronic devices such as mobile phones, iPhone and galaxy a20e antutu score iPad. These applications are pre-installed on phones during manufacturing, or can be downloaded from different mobile software distribution platforms. These innovative mobile applications can enhance the functionality of your mobile phones. An experienced mobile application development company can help you to build custom apps for your Smartphone, which meets your requirements. Contact...

Www.mobiappmax . com Which one is the best application for android in the list of top android applications?

Are all HTC Phones made by android?
Android doesn't make phones. Its a type of smart phone programing, like windows mobile, or iphone. HTC makes the phones, some using the droid platform.

What is meant by android?
An android is a robot designed to look and act like a human. It is also an operating system for mobile phones.

What is a good device manager for android phones?
Mobile Android phone management can be controlled by a mobile device manager which can be downloaded and installed.One of the best ones is the 3CX Mobile Device Manager which is an online service.

What is the use of android software in mobile phones?
Andriod is the operating system on some mobile phones, it's similar to how Windows, iOsx and Unix are operating systems on a computer.

What does the Android application SCB Easy do?
The Android application "SCB Easy" allows you to manage your money wherever you go. You can learn more about this mobile application and download it online from Google Play.

Is there a way to make snapchat compatible with my android?
Snapchat is an application where customers can take pictures and send them to people for a maximum of ten seconds. This application is compatible with iPhone and Android phones.

What are the 5 versions of android operating system?
Android is an operating system for huawei p30 antutu score y9 2018 antutu benchmarking mobile phones. Five android versions are Lollipop, marshmallow, gingerbread, alpha and beta.

Do virgin mobile phones have touchscreen phones available?
Virgin Mobile does provide mobile phones with Touch Screens. One such example is the Samsung Intercept, an Android phone sporting a 3.2" touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 MP Camera.

What brands of cell phones are sold by T Mobile?
T Mobile carries many different brands of cell phones including Samsung, Android based droid phones, Blackberries (which our out of style) and other smartphones.

What is Android?
Android is an open source platform for mobile phones. It is developed by Google and is installed on over 1 billion devices. It is currently the worlds most popular mobile operating system.

What are the new invented things?
new techologies in mobile phones like 3.3 android

What operating system does HTC run off?
HTC mobile phones run of Android.

What are the cheapest Boost mobile phones?
The cheapest are "Samsung Galaxy s9 plus antutu score Prevail Android Boost Mobile Phone", "HTC Evo Design 4G Android Boost Moblie Smartphone" and "Blackberry Curve 8530 Boost Mobile".

What is better mobile phone android or windows?
Both Android and Windows based phones are great! It is all a matter of preference if you like Android or Windows based software.

What is android and what is the specialty of android?
Google's Android is an Open Source, Linux based operation system designed to power low power devices. The major speciality of Android is its openness which attracts the developers round the Globe, Android has help in bringing users to came close to the fact that you can have device you like, previously other mobile OS don't allow you to customise themselves but with Android each user can customise it over their own requirements.

Are all HTC phones android?
No, HTC also has Windows Mobile phones. Here is a list of HTC phones with Android: HTC J Butterfly HTC Ruby HTC Pico HTC Fireball HTC Golf HTC Jewel

Can you install android software in Sony ericsson w150 yendo?
Android is a operating system so it is not install in Sony Ericsson mobile Phones.

What are some unique features of T Mobile phones?
T Mobile phones have mobile backup, a family allowances plan, no annual contract, and a web guard for kids. Different phones such as Nokia and Android have different features but have most of the same qualities as other brands.

Why should you select Android OS at first for native mobile application development?
Android OS has a better outreach as you can find Android OS in Lenovo, HTC, Sony and Samsung. Being flexible, Android OS would be the exact transformation of your app idea. Android would provide better visibility to your mobile app as Google play store is the most visited mobile app store. If you are not a developer by yourself, hire a professional android application development company to do the job for you - MobileAPPtelligence.com

What is mobile utility app?
Mobile utility app is an application on smart phones that runs the internet.

What has the author Reto Meier written?
Reto Meier has written: 'Professional Android 2 application development' -- subject(s): Development, Application software, Mobile computing, Anwendungssoftware, Android (Systemplattform), Android (Electronic resource)

Why to purchase android mobile phones?
They are good and have so many features. They don't freeze much

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