Do you need an Android phone to download Android apps

Yes. Android have their own format of apps (.apk) and they can only be run on android. Unless you have an android emulator on your computer.

How can you download a movie on your phone?
It depends what sort of phone it is. If it is an iphone then itunes on the phone or on the computer. If it is an android phone there is a few apps on the android market. With android you can also download the movie on your pc then transfer it using a usb cable. A lot of the time you will need to convert the movie file to a compatible file type using a...

Do you need wifi to download apps on an Android tablet?
No, but it depends if you have data

What are must-have apps for a Android phone?
You need a file management app for any Android phone,e.g. File Expert, ES File Explorer.

Can the htc 7 Mozart go onto and download from the android market?
Yes, the HTC 7 Mozart can access the Android Market and download apps. You will need internet access.

Does Android phones need antivirus?
Yes, if you are concerned Crowcom has a list of Antivirus apps for your phone

Does Android market need internet?
Yes, it does. But not necessarily from an phone. If you don't have a data plan for your android phone, you can use sites like androlicious to search for applications or games. But to install apps on the phone you will need a WiFi connection or mobile internet.

How to take backup and restore of your contacts' messages and apps from android mobile?
You need to install the Mobile Backup and Restore app in your SD card which will backup and restore your contacts' messages and apps from the Android phone.

What android phones have Instagram?
almost every android phone can run instagram, i don't think is based on the phone but on the version of android in it .You just need to download from the market and install.

Can all Android apps go on a Android tablet?
All android apps can go but it depends on space available on your android tablet. If there is not enough GB of available space then it cannot go. Its highly unlikely you could fit ALL android apps on a single android tablet. You would need way to much storage. But you could download every app at one time or another and delete some to make room for more.

Do Android Apps work on the iPad?
No, They are 2 Different Operating Systems so they both need different things for Software to work on them, If the App that is on Android is in the App Store, You can download it there.

Can nokia E5 use an android apps?
No. You need to run android to run android apps. The Nokia E5 runs the Symbian OS.

Is there any kindle e-book apps for smart phone?
Yes you just need install the Kindle for Android on your phone if it's Andoid OS. Go to Kindle official site to download the app. Of course you can also get the app from Google Play app store.

Do you need a data plan for a LG Phoenix?
No. But if you don't have a data plan, you need wifi to activate your Google account, get access to the Android Market, and to download apps.

How do you download games on a straight talk cell phone?
You just need to download some new apps. If you need help, Straight Talk has an "Apps & More" page that is helpful. The link below will take you there.

Can you play PC games on android?
Yeah one can play PC games on Android device whether its tablet PC or a smartphone but natively only if the game company has also developed an android app for the game like SHIFT version of NEED FOR SPEED is available on android market but not every game. However apps do exicte that allow you to stream game from you PC to your phone to enable you to play them from your phone. All your...

How can you download paid apps for free?
well if you really want it you need to jailbreak your phone

Why does astro file manager for android need internet access?
Of course first time installation of Astro file manager need internet access to download it from Android Market. Once you have installed Astro file manager you don't need internet access to install other apps, all you have need to install any app on your Android device is .apk file. Copy them in to your SD card and explore it using Astro file manager to install on your Android deice. To read more how it works...

Do you need a creditcard to go to the android market?
You do not need a credit card to go to the android market. You do need need a credit card if you want to buy paid apps. You do not need a credit card for free apps.

How to download paid apps on android?
All you need is to visit the app store (Amazon Appstore or Google app store) and choose from a wide variety of applications.

How do you voice dictate on Android phone?
Voice dictation apps are available on the android market such as Alice and Vlingo - these apps have features such as speak texting and asking questions - for instance will I need an umbrella tonight brings up the weather in your area - worth a look at, some are very good and free!

Do you have to have the Internet on the iPod touch?
You don't necessarily HAVE TO have internet, but you do need it to download apps and access your iTunes account when you're on your phone. However, if you do not have wifi, you can manually download apps and huawei honor 20 lite antutu score music from your computer through iTunes.

How can you send your installed Android apps to your friend via WiFi?
What you need is a file manager app. Let me show you how to do it by File Expert, which is the one I install on my Android phone. Enter the app-My Files tab-Apps-Select the apps you want to send-Click Send button(an envelope with an arrow) and an approach for transfer-Select the device you want to send to-Done.

Do you need to have a Google account to download android apps?
if you want to use the 'market' app, and pretty much the only legal way, yes. if you wanna download from random sites, most of the time illegal and for free, no.

Do you need jailbreak to download apps?
No you can download apps without jailbreak, but you will be able to download apps that have been disapproved by apple if you have jailbreak.

How do you scan prices with Android phone?
You will need an app that enables you to scan QR codes and access them. You can find these apps on Google Play, and other third party stores.

How do you get free apps on the android market?
you need to root it, or jailbreak it

Android or iOS?
It depends on your needs. Do you need a simplistic phone for an extortionate price with a bad mapping app pre-packaged, or do you want a fully featured phone platform with a wide range of well-designed Google Apps and many other quality apps, plus the option to do data transfer via NFC for stuff like swipe payments? If you want the latter, go for Android.

What is the purpose of android antivirus?
Well, actually there's no need of Antivirus over the Android ecosystem if you are careful enough with the application permissions and doesn't install apps outside the PlayStore. But if you do then this is the reason why Antivirus apps is available for Android.

How do you add yourself on whatsapp?
In order to add your on WhatsApp, you just need to download the app onto your phone. You can use the app on the iPhone, Android phone and Windows phones.

How do you get super smash flash 2 working on a android phone?
You will need to manually download and install Abode Flash on your Android device first. Instructions for this can be found on the Adobe forum thread 1061194.

Do we need to buy a new android one phone to experience android l will it comes on the already buyes andtmroid phones?
Yes, we need to buy a new android one phone to experience android

How do remove xapush ads from Android phone?
You will need to uninstall the apps related to the content to get rid of the ads. You should also opt out of any ad and install a good antivirus and malware program.

Can not download apps on the Google web store?
You will need to have a Google account in order to download apps from the Google Play store. If you don't have one, that may be the reason that you are unable to download apps.

How do you pay for games with an Android phone?
Why do you pay it since there are tons of Free games on Google Play, such as "Duck Killer" website If you really need to do that. You need to create an account first.

Can you download facetime for android?
Yes, you can download the facetime app for your android device. This is easier than you think. All you need to do is download this app from: Regards.

What do you need to do to devolpe android apps?
search for huawei honor 20 antutu score app writing companies like

Do you need an internet plan for an android phone?
Well it depends on what phone company ur with, but mostly all the phone companies have android phones that u need to take internet plan with.

Can you get a blaze on minecraft pocket edition?
You need an ipod touch i phone or android device you launch the market and download it 5.99 full version free demo

Do free apps have viruses?
Does Android have viruses (otherwise known as malware)? Everything has viruses, one plus 6 antutu score regardless of what Apple fanboys want you to believe. The real questions are: What are the chances of your Android phone being infected? Do you *have* to download anti-virus (also known as anti-malware or mobile security) apps to protect yourself? By and large, the answers - drum roll please - are a) Your risk of infection depends on your downloading habits and b) No...

How do I free up space to download new apps in a Sprint HTC Evo Shift?
If you need more memory space for additional apps, delete unnecessary data, such as emails, notes, images, music, and any apps you really don't need. This answer should also apply for any smart phone or tablet.

Will increasing the voltage in a cell phone change an app in it like install or delete mirriam Webster word games or mcat quiz or install or delte any other program?
No. Increasing the voltage could damage the phone but it would not delete apps. You need to download apps to install them.

Does the Android tablet need cell phone service?
Cell phone service is not mandatory for an Android Tablet. A Tablet whether Android or Ipad can happily work with Wifi connectivity - if you need to use any internet enabled application.

Foreign and local literature of computer games?
Popular apps on the Android Market are more than 2.5 times more expensive on average those of their counterparts on the iOS App Store, say researchers. Analyst firm Canalys' App Interrogator study found that the top 100 paid applications on the Android service cost $3.74 on average, compared to an average cost of just $1.47 for the most popular paid iOS apps. Analysts noted that the higher cost of Android applications is because fewer people...

Where can you download dashcode?
Either you have the app on your Macintosh Install Disk or you will need to download it from the Apple website. If you remember it is used to create apps such as widgets for Macs or apps for iPhone and Apple is picky who gets their apps on the real download page.

I need a app that will give me a link people can click on so that they can download an image Is there an app like that for android?
Vine app that is available on the Android platform will enable people to download your images on their Android devices.

Does flexispy work?
No need now to spend many dollars to spy a cell phone. download the freeware COPY9 (Compatible iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, Windows mobile)

Are there any free apps for the Samsung galaxy s9 antutu benchmark genio touch?
no because you need a laptop or a computer to download the apps

What are the best apps from android market?
Well, it would depend on what kind of apps you want and/or need. But in my opinion, the #1 recommended app for ALL Droid phones is the AdvancedTaskKiller app. What it does is that it "kills" the apps that are currently running so that way your battery lasts longer. It's highly recommended to use the app if you're setting your phone down and it will be that way for a prolonged period of time.

Do you need internet on your iPod to get apps for the iPod touch?
to download them u need to

How do you Take the back off an Android phone the back off an android?
all you need to do is touch your dick

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